Preparing for School Pictures

Hood Magazine

School pictures are something you and your family will cherish for years.

You’ll want the focus to be on your child’s picture perfect smile, not the clothing they are wearing.

  • Choose a classic solid color top. A bright solid color, your child’s favorite color, will boost their confidence if they are a little shy about getting their picture taken. Avoid neon, crazy patterns or logos.
  • Black or White? If your child’s wardrobe has little color variety and consists of mostly black or white clothing, go for black. The darkness of the shirt will draw your eye up to the face, which is the focal point of school photos!
  • If your child is fair skinned, try to avoid flesh-toned colors. If your child has dark skin, avoid browns, dark blues and black. You want your child to contrast with the color shirt they wear.
  • The school should give you options for the backdrop. Try to pick clothing colors that will also compliment the backdrop.
  • It’s a good idea to pick out your outfit ahead of time. Even have your child try it on to make sure they are comfortable in it. Iron it, if needed, to get rid of those wrinkles!
  • Simple hair dos and accessories can complement your child’s look, but overdoing it can become a distraction.

The first day of school is a huge milestone – make it memorable with photos! Here’s some fun tips you can do:

  • Create a sign, write on a chalkboard or even chalk on the driveway what the grade your child will be in, or First Day of School. Maybe it can even be a sign your child holds up on the first day of school every year.
  • Get a nice shot of your child with a good smile!
  • Try to get some action shots of your child running or jumping.
  • Take a few close up shots of your child’s backpack, lunch pail, new outfit or school shoes.
  • Then compile them together in one of our Mini Montage frames.
  • Go with your child to the bus or to school and get a photo of them in front of it. If you go to the school, get a photo of your child with their teacher.
  • Print and frame a photo of your child from last year’s first day of school. Get a photo of them while holding that photo.
  • Use props – such as apples, a ruler or pencils
  • Jot down your child’s favorite food, movie and activity and use it to make a collage with their first day of school photo.
  • If you have more than one child, make sure to get a photo of them together.


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