Sensor Cleaning

Having a clean sensor will ensure your photos are spotless.

Sensors become dirty over time, especially if they are not taken care of or are stored in humid or dusty conditions. If you take photos in extreme environments, your sensor may be more susceptible to getting dirty.

As you can see in the example (large circled area), the cobweb looking white area is fungus. There are also specks of dirt and debris.  The camera and lens must have been stored in a humid area and not used very often for that much growth to occur.


There is no warranty for this service. We here at Harold’s Photo Experts offer Sensor Cleanings and it typically takes 5 business days to complete.

Here’s some things for you to know:

  1. When you bring in your camera for a sensor cleaning, leave a lens on the body; preferably the lens you use most often. If you didn’t bring a lens, at least provide a body cap to keep dust off the sensor after cleaning.
  2. Have a fully charged battery.
  3. Provide a formatted empty memory card in the camera.

Once the sensor cleaning is complete, you’ll have a photo on your memory card before the sensor cleaning was performed and one after so you can see the difference.

To help reduce entry of dust into the camera body, change lenses in a sheltered area and face the camera down. Also, be sure to turn your camera off before changing lenses.

Cameras do not like harsh conditions. Humid conditions are hard on optics and electronics. If not used regularly, equipment should be stored with dessicant and with the battery removed.

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