Eight Easy Steps to Picture-Perfect Photo Books


Weddings, birthdays, vacations…marking special occasions with great photography is customary for most of us. One of my favorite things to do is page through photo albums from the past, and imagining the people whose lives were frozen in time just long enough to memorialize a moment. Unfortunately, many of these albums have become fragile and the photos faded with time. We’re lucky to live in a time when we can preserve special moments – our memories – in photo books.

Today’s technology provides us with simple computer tools to improve the quality of our photos and the materials that make them perfect to pass on for generations. At haroldsphoto.com, it’s easy and fun. With the following eight simple steps, you and your grandchildren will be walking down memory lane for years to come.

  1. Locate – Find and organize the digital images you want to use for your photo book and put them into a computer folder that’s easy for the photo book software – and you – to find later.
  2.  Browse – To make it easy, haroldsphoto.com has photo book category options, such as wedding, baby and kids and life stories. Look at design thumbnails for ideas, inspiration or to find backgrounds and effects you like. You can choose one of ours – or create an original.
  3. Layout – Group the photos that you think go well together, then browse the pre-designed image layout options to choose the one you would like to use. Graphic artists have designed many of the layout options for pleasing combinations. If our layouts don’t work for you, add your own images and text boxes.
  4. PLACE – Start choosing photos and text and placing them on the pages. For the best results, limit the amount of text you put on a page and let the images tell the story.
  5. Customize – Use a little creativity by adding an image as the background and drop the opacity to 20 percent. Then add an image box on top of the background image manually. Add a text box and type a caption.
  6. Color & Tone – Use the color wheel and coordinate editable backgrounds with the tone and color in your images. The software keeps a thumbnail of the colors you choose to apply again and again for consistency.
  7. EFFECTS – Once you love the page layout, you can add borders and effects such as changing a photo from full color to black and white. But don’t overdo the effects – sometimes less is more.
  8. Cover – Our styles of books have unique covers: the spiral books come in a laminated cardstock or metal cover and fine art books are available in four different linen color options as well as a variety of thread colors for the Japanese stitching. Choose an image, quote or text for the front and back cover of our spiral or hard cover books and be sure it complements the pages.

When you work with Harold’s Photo Experts on your book, rest assured that a graphic artist looks at each book before it’s printed to remove noticeable “red eye” and adjust images when necessary.

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating your own photo books, you may want to consider using this amazing technology for books of other kinds. Make a family recipe book with images of the finished dishes, or shoot pictures of your kids’ art through the years. It’s a better way to keep – and enjoy – all those drawings of rainbows and bugs, Father’s Day handprints and handmade bouquets than stuffing them in a plastic tote in the attic. Photo books also make great gifts.

So you don’t think you’re creative? With our current photo book software, there are so many templates, color palettes and text options built in, you don’t have to have a natural knack – just some ideas of your own and a willingness to let go and have fun!

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