Properly Storing Photo Discs

Our photo libraries are now largely digital with smartphones becoming the primary camera of choice. FujiFilm estimates that 1.6 trillion images were taken last year with smartphones, cameras and other capture devices. This new normal means that protecting our favorite photos is even more important than ever as one hard drive crash can wipe out years of documented family history. Using an online backup service is key, but adding a second layer of protection that keeps you firmly in charge of your photo assets can ensure your pictures remain viable for the future. What’s the easiest way to achieve this? Simply backing up your image library to disc will do the trick. Here are a few tips to help make the process successful:

Tip #1:  If you’re using DVD or CDR media to store your pictures, these discs require care when handling as they can be easily damaged, leaving your photos inaccessible. DVDs are denser than CDs, so the information is tightly packed on the disc. A fingerprint or smudge can keep you from retrieving the files off the DVD, so make sure to handle the disc by the center hole or outer edge.

Tip #2: Consider using write-once rather than re-writable discs as a back-up method for your digital pictures. Many people have accidentally written over their re-writable discs and lost their digital pictures, including people who make a living in the technology field!

Tip #3:  Store your discs upright (similar to books on a bookshelf) and in jewel cases or specialty albums to protect them. Keep them in a cool, dry place.

At Harold’s Photo Experts, we custom make DVD cases! You can create your own design with your images and text to make archiving your treasured photos more manageable.

Bonus Backup Tip – Print Your Favorites:  We admit to being fans of going old-school with printed pictures, and in this situation, it’s because it works. Printed photographs never crash, and there’s something satisfying about viewing a hardcopy photograph, holding it in your hand and then tucking it in a photo box or album. Better yet, pick a few favorites and frame them so you can enjoy them every day. Don’t let them languish on your hard drive – upload your photos to our site and we’ll get them printed quickly and inexpensively.

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