iPhone vs. DSLR

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“Mobile photography is not something less than traditional photography. It is something else.” -Davide Pallone

This quote really got me thinking. While the iPhone cannot deliver the same shots as a DSLR, we shouldn’t expect it to. A DSLR’s capabilities make it the right choice for high-resolution images, large files and multiple lens options, but the advantages of having a good camera on your phone are undeniable.

The Mobile Advantages:

1. Ready to go. If you’re like me, you literally FREAK out if your phone is not on your person. This means you’ve always got a great camera to catch the action.

2. Instant, easy communication – Create amazing visual diaries worth 10,000 words.

3. Surprise! AMAZING prints from mobile phones. Embrace the grain. It adds character. We’ve seen great mobile prints as large as 20×30.

4. Simple editing. You don’t need a server or a degree to crop, add text or apply textures and filters. And the options keep getting better.

Choosing the right camera for the job is always a smart choice, but the ability to shoot, edit and share in an instant are huge – and handy – advantages!




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