Emily’s Favorite #DIYGifts!

I am so excited it is my favorite time of the year is HERE!! I just love to give the most meaningful gift without spending tons of money. Here are a few ideas to help you do the same… 


  • Holiday Cards

I truly believe sending a holiday greeting card is one of the most meaningful things you can do throughout the year. We are all so busy carting kids, dogs and whatever else around there is hardly the time to see even our closest friends. I love sending a card to my dear friends and family at Christmas time; it’s my one time of the year to connect with all of the people that have meant so much to me throughout my life. The ebb and flow of family and friendships is such that we must make an effort at the very least with holiday well wishes. Prices starting at $1.19.

Metal Ornaments

  • Metal Ornaments

This will take any ordinary wrapped package from ugh to WOW in seconds! These beautiful metal ornaments are perfect for that special gift. Just put in the bow of your package and they can keep for their tree this year and many more to come. I’ve done one for my mother every year and she has them all collected and fondly displays them year round. These are priced at $29.99 for a set of 3.

Facebook and Instagram Images – We’ve all got hundreds of these darling candid photos posted everywhere. Some of my favorite images are those taken with a phone and are completely goofy of my kids. We have tons of products that can take these silly photos and make them really special gifts.


  • Canvas Wrap with Instagram Images

Take any image (DSLR or Instagram) with the cool effects and edge and throw it into any square canvas wrap. Take the color near the edge and using the color wheel make the wrapped section the same color or tone. I plan to make an entire wall of “instagram” canvases. Suggested sizes are 6×6 for $49.99, 8×8 for $59.99 and/or 10×10 for $69.99.

Retro T

  • Retro T’s

Another fun idea to give these smart images new life is to put it on one of our super soft T’s and wear with pride. Maybe you’ve got an old photograph of dad in some crazy holiday sweater… perfect to wear to the party – I guarantee a reaction! This would also make a great gift for an artsy teen with interesting sport, school or lounging around image. With special filters and effects anything can become art for only $29.99.


  • Smart Print Set or Book

My mother stays as far away to anything computer related as possible therefore she is always disappointed when she hears about these cute pictures of her grand kids on Facebook or Instagram and she’s not even seen them. After plenty of grief, I have wised up and started making Smart Print Sets of 24 – 4×4 images for her to carry around and “show- off” in analog. This product comes either in a cute little square box or can be spiral bound. Super Smart at only $24.99!

Mason Jar

  • Mason Jar Toppers

This is a perfect inexpensive sweet treat for you to give a teacher, hairdresser, co-worker or anyone special to you and makes your life easier! Throw some party mix in a mason jar and put a cute picture of the kids making it on the top, add some pretty ribbon and you have a delightful gift perfect for anyone. This product comes as a set of 12 for $12.99 on a variety of card stock options.

Tea Towel

  • Vintage Tea Towel with Recipe

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the history of our families. Celebrate your old family recipes and share them with your loved ones. My Grandma Bobby would make the best pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving EVER – when it came time to dividing out some of her things, I being the only granddaughter received most of the recipes. This being the case does not mean my brothers did not LOVE her pie just as much! I decided to make my brothers one of our decretive tea towel with the pie recipe, grease stains and all, and boy was it a hit, they really loved it! Come as a set of 3 for $34.99.

Illustration Cards

  • Illustration Card Sets

Don’t let the handwritten note go out of style! Create custom thank you cards with an illustration of your house decorated for Christmas, your tree or even something you enjoy doing outside, such as gardening tools. A personalized note for the gift will truly be a thoughtful thank you. You could also snap a photo of your friend’s house or pet and give as a gift. Each set comes with 24 4×5 notecards and envelopes for $19.99.


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