Foodie Photography

Traditional christmas mince pies

Nothing showcases the holiday festivities like food photography, and for foodies across the country, December offers nonstop picture-taking opportunities. For those who want to highlight the festivities and feasts, here are a few tips to showcase your favorite dishes:

Check Details in Advance: The focus should be on the food, so don’t let stray details like any items of clutter or a mismatched plate compete with your mouthwatering subject. Keep serving dishes simple and elegant and check your shot for any stray items that might make their way into the frame.

Try a Tripod: Avoid introducing camera shake into your images. A tripod will provide stability and allow you to experiment with your settings based on your lighting conditions and other factors. Your shutter speed may very well be slower for these shots so the stability a tripod provides will be important in retaining sharpness.

Frame Tight & Try Angles: Shoot closer than you normally would and experiment with angles. Some of the most successful food bloggers create their fabulous foodie photos by photographing from various angles. Experimentation is a fun part of this experience and you may discover a new trick or two!

Incorporate Holiday Lighting: How you choose to use lighting can impact your images in dramatic ways. A willingness to experiment with position, available light and aperture will all culminate into a successful photo session. You can use small, ‘twinkle’ lights or tea lights to add an element of festivity to your images. You may want to ‘burn in’ your lighting, which simply means using a slower shutter speed for your lens to capture the proper lighting effect. Small shifts in shutter speed and lighting can create big changes, take the time to play and decide which combination works best for you. Happy Holidays!

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