Get to Know Us at Harold’s – Alyssa

Harold’s Photo Experts Q&A!

Alyssa is a Creative Expert at Harold’s 41st Street location in Sioux Falls, SD since May 2014 and mostly works on the sales floor assisting customers with their orders and photo prints. She is also one of our camera experts, and can help you with any question you may have, as well as teaches photoshop and photography classes. Get to know Alyssa with our funny & quirky yet somewhat serious Q&A!

What is one thing you can not live without?

My Family – To say I have a large family is an understatement. They have been there for me during the worst times and most importantly during the best times of my life. My parents are both remarried to the best step-parents I could ask for. All together I have 1 brother, 3 sisters, 2 half-brothers, 3 step-brothers, and 2 step-sisters…It is a major accomplishment when we get a family picture without anyone missing. I also can’t forget to mention my boyfriend Alex. Although we aren’t married (yet), he is already considered family. He has been my rock and best friend since day one and I am so thankful to have him in my life.


What is you favorite holiday?
Halloween! I love dressing up in goofy costumes, this year I was a taco, and my birthday falls the day after Halloween so I make it into a 2 day celebration.


On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most), how serious do you take life & why?
I would say a 7…I only have 1 life to live and I want to make the best of it with the people I care about so I don’t want to take things too seriously but I know when I need to.


What is your favorite color?


If you were a super hero, what powers would you have?
Time Travel


What is your camera & lens of choice?
I have a Nikon D3100 and would like to get the Tamron 16-300.


What is your favorite zoo animal?
Monkey’s! They are funny and have so much character.


What would be your best achievement to date?
Making it through 2 summers doing a 12 week summer internship with the Southwestern Company. I sold educational books & products door to door in New York and Pennsylvania. Hardest, most rewarding experience every college student should try if they get the opportunity.


What is the last thing you took a picture of?
A love note my boyfriend Alex left me 🙂


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cotton candy or white chocolate.


Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
Sunsets…I am not a morning person.


Do you have any scars?
I have one on my eye from a nasty spill going down a waterslide, I hit my eye on the back of my friends head and split it open. Didn’t need stitches but the next day my eye swelled shut and I could barely see for a week.


Are you much of a thrill seeker?
I like to think I am but I can’t handle it as well as I use to. I went to the Sioux Empire Fair this last summer and was in tears after one ride. Alex, my boyfriend, thought it was funny until I refused to go on any more “scary” rides. The ferris wheel even made me nervous…It was pitiful.


Where did you grow up?
Kimball, SD – home of the Kimball Kiotes…yes that is spelled correctly


What do you love most about working at Harold’s Photo Experts?
My co-workers, you can have the best job in the world but if you don’t enjoy who you work with it will eventually take it’s toll. They are a great group of people and they have taught me so much in the short time I have been there.


I wanted to express my appreciation towards my Harold’s family for their part in helping me through one of the toughest times of my life. My brother, Tylor, passed away in September and I didn’t have to stress about work one bit. Everyone pitched in to cover my hours and when I returned everyone opened their arms to me. I am able to talk about Tylor and share my memories with everyone and that means more to me than they know. My family made a metal print through Harold’s to use as a grave marker until Tylor’s headstone is done and it is a true representation of his personality. I’m so thankful to be working at such an outstanding company with great people.




One thought on “Get to Know Us at Harold’s – Alyssa

  1. Alyssa is truly an amazing young lady. I call her all the time with questions about photography and products Harold’s may have. If she doesn’t know, she gets the answer for me asap. Most of the time she knows. She’s a great person to be around and have as a resource. Although I may be biased on this. I would definitely recommend Alyssa for any camera or product questions. Keep up the great work!

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