Keep Condensation at Bay



Condensation can be an issue any time you bring your DSLR from a cold outdoor environment back into a warmer environment such as a car or your home.  Condensation is the moisture that is created when cold and warm climates come together at the same time, and moisture invading any aspect of your digital camera can result in substantial damage.

Using a plastic bag to protect your camera is another way of battling condensation.  By placing your digital camera inside the bag – and do this while still outside and not after entering the warmer indoors – the condensation will collect on the inside surface of the plastic bag rather than on the camera.

Try to ease into the temperature change if at all possible. Some experts recommend placing the camera on a windowsill or in an unheated area where the equipment will gradually warm up rather than being subject to a harsh temperature shift.

Keeping your gear in a sturdy bag is the perfect way to keep your camera and accessories protected while not in use. Working photographers love ProMaster bags and with good reason – for their thoughtful design and practicality.

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