Take it on the Road This Spring Break

ExpertNewsletter_2015-3_parisWinter will be ending soon, and we can’t wait for spring break to arrive! Whether you’re packing your bags for a quick weekend road trip or a ten day international excursion, we’re sharing our favorite tips to help you shoot stunning images certain to make you smile long after your adventure has ended.

Travel Light: Going on vacation with your gear doesn’t mean you have to weigh yourself down with every accessory you own. In fact, many professionals prefer a minimalist approach when traveling. Consider what kind of photographs you intend to take and scale down to a single multi-purpose lens, a cleaning kit, a lightweight mono/tripod and an external flash. And don’t forget your charger and extra batteries! We have a great cleaning kit for your next trip.

Enjoy Candid Moments: Vacations are often the most fun when things happen spontaneously and without a rigid plan. The same can be said for photography. We sometimes have a specific vision in mind before we begin photographing, but while on vacation, consider shooting impromptu instead. Candid images capture an authenticity that comes through in a way no posed image can duplicate.

Look for Landmarks: If you’re traveling someplace with recognizable landmarks, incorporating them into your travel photography is a great way to quickly highlight the familiar location. However, don’t feel you have to shoot a standard head-on image just to include a notable building. Have fun with this process, play with your perspective and shoot from various angles and vantage points. Being able to shoot a familiar location from a fresh angle can showcase both the location and your abilities as a photographer.

Let Scenery Speak for Itself: Our natural instinct is to make sure our family members and friends are included in almost all of our vacation photos but remember to take in the scenery of your locale. As you explore and enjoy your leisure time, keep your eyes open for items in your environment that capture your attention and imagination. For example, is there a historic marker that piques your interest or a café sign that is beyond charming? Shoot close, fill the frame with these quirky and fun items and add them to your vacation album!

Keep the Memories Alive: Once your getaway has ended, make sure to keep the memories close for you to enjoy by having a favorite photo enlarged and framed – or even printed on canvas! We have so many fabulous ways for you to transform your images into keepsakes, and these keepsakes will make you smile throughout the year. Let us show you the many ways we can incorporate your favorite photos into your living space.

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