Mini Movie – Graduation Open House Party Slideshow

A graduation open house party isn’t complete without a slideshow of the graduate!


At Harold’s Photo Experts we have a solution for you – a Mini Movie. Some people may do just their senior photos while others choose to do a timeline of photos from birth, all throughout the school years, activities, sports, vacations, prom and their senior photos.

Either route you go, all images will need to be submitted in the same format. All prints or all digital files. If you have them as prints, we have scanning options for you at an additional cost. A Mini Movie includes up to 100 images for $79.99. If you have additional images, that’s ok, we can still include them for $1 per image.

Adding music is a great way to personalize your Mini Movie. If you have your own songs, they are $10 per song to be added, and preferred to be on a CD or as MP3 files. The standard length of time an image will appear on the screen is 5-6 seconds, so to determine how much music to submit, multiply the number of images by 6 and divide by 60. That will give you the number of minutes of music needed. If the music submitted is longer than required, the last song will fade out at the end.

To add the finishing touch to your Mini Movie, create a custom DVD cover with your photos and text for only $5.99! Then you’ll be able to keep your Mini Movie protected and have something to cherish for years to come. Find design options in our gift section.




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