Elias Q&A – Part 1 (the reveal)

Last summer, Harold’s Photo Experts opened a new retail store in Fargo, ND.

To celebrate our grand opening, part of the festivities included some amazing giveaways. One of those winners was 11 year old Elias. He and his family would stop in frequently wondering if we had picked our winners yet. The prizes ranged from photo books, gift certificates, camera gear and a brand new Canon Rebel SL1.

While we were going through all the entries and picking the winners, one of the entry forms was very unique. (maybe take note for when you are registering for prizes!). The registration form was folded in half and then each corner was folded diagonally. Once we opened it up, Elias was the name on that cleverly folded registration form!

On the day of announcing the winners, Elias, his mom and sisters were in the store. It was the perfect opportunity to surprise him with the grand prize and get it all on tape! Watch the video to see his reaction and check back over the next couple weeks to see what Elias has been photographing since he won.


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