Choose This Fantastic Filter



If you’re looking for a filter to combat hazy outdoor conditions while also protecting your precious camera lens, the ProMaster Digital HGX Filter is the ideal choice for a variety of shooting situations. This UV filter absorbs ultraviolet rays and combats variable available light and is perfect for both color and black and white photography. And the low profile anti-reflective frame helps prevent vignetting on super wide digital format lenses. The Promaster HGX UV filter is designed specifically for digital lenses, so it minimizes internal reflections created by CCD and CMOS sensors in your digital SLR. But wait–there’s more! This filter also includes the exclusive Repellamax® element resistant coating, which shields your lens from moisture, fingerprints, dust, dirt and other environmental hazards, ensuring your images are tack sharp. If you have to pick only one filter (and we think that’s an unfair request), choose this one, available in a variety of sizes for your particular lens

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