Elias Q&A – Part 3

Elias was one of our very lucky grand opening winner at our Fargo store last summer. He won a Canon Rebel SL1! Learn more about Elias and what he’s been photographing with his new camera.


Q. Do you have any of your photography displayed in your home?
Elias: Yes, I have my blood moon photo on our fireplace, a Macro of a snowflake on our piano, and a photo of a Dark-Eyed Junco right next to a baseball in my room. My Mom is working on framing her favorite photos and the re-decorating our basement with them.

IMG_8637 (2)


IMG_8626 (2)

Q. How would you like to use your photography skills in the future?
Elias: If I could, I would either like to be a National Geographic photographer or an Ornithologist (the study of birds) that also takes A LOT of photos.

Q. Have you gotten any new lenses or gear to go with your camera?
Elias: Yes, I got a really nice tripod, a battery grip and a 70-300mm lens for my bird photography. And I am saving for a Tamron 90mm Macro lens.

Q. What advice would you give to other new young budding photographers?
Elias: Keep shooting, even if your camera seems terrible to you. A not so amazing camera is how you are going to get an eye for photography. I got some of my best photos with my not-so-good camera (even though I love my point and shoot, it’s not that good of quality).

IMG_2735 (2)

IMG_3304 (2)

IMG_3771 (3)


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