Tea Towels as a Family Reunion Gift

Nicki wanted to do something special to honor her grandparents. Here’s her story:


This would be my grandma’s recipe (it says from the desk of Barb Ricker on them and is in her handwriting. She passed away around 1989). Only one of us had the actual recipe and I thought it would be really cool to get everyone a copy of it. Our grandpa passed away in May and it made me think that a tea towel for everyone would be a really cool idea with the recipe and some photos of the two of them on it. I needed 19 towels total to get every household in our family their own towel, and then had a few extra for my aunt to give to family friends of theirs. I handed them out at our annual Fourth of July get together (our grandpa’s favorite holiday)….lots of tears! 🙂  They were all very surprised and loved them!

At Harold’s Photo Experts, we can put any image or recipe on a tea towel that you can cherish for years! A set of 3 tea towels can be ordered at haroldsphoto.com







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