One-on-One Class with Marty DeWitt


After much thought about the many different products and services we offer at Harold’s Photo, I would have to say some of my most rewarding experiences have been while teaching the “One-on-One” photo classes.

Unlike the classroom-style sessions, which follow a detailed outline, I find the “One-on-One” sessions to be much more spontaneous and custom-tailored to the student’s needs. We all have something that frustrates us about our cameras, whether we’re trying to capture the kids on the basketball court or football field, or we keep getting those blurry, orange pictures of Grandma Nell at the family reunion. At a “One-on-One” session, we can address those issues and make the needed changes in settings and techniques, and hopefully look forward to improved images.

Often, others are preparing for an exciting vacation, and want to be able to photograph specific attractions or events. We are able to customize the session to those specific situations, as well.

I also appreciate the opportunity to personally learn more about different types of equipment and techniques as I prepare for the different topics requested. There are even occasions where I learn something new right along with the student, as we explore a new feature or challenge.

But the most satisfaction comes when I see a student leave a session more confident and excited about their hobby, and then watch as they return to make prints, books, cards or wall art with their new images.

If you are not happy with your photos, or don’t really know what all those camera buttons and dials do, then maybe a class with a Harold’s Photo Expert might be the answer. We offer introductory and advanced classes for Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLRs. The class schedules and fees can be found on our website at Registration for “One-on-One” sessions is also on the website, however the schedule is flexible to meet your needs.

By Guest Blogger Marty DeWitt

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