Ordering Prints from your Phone: A Step by Step Tutorial

Our phones are full of photos we’ve taken. By having your phone with you at all times makes it too convenient to use as your go-to camera. Sometimes you might even get the “cannot take photo” message on your phone because you’re out of storage. Well we have a fix for that problem that is so easy, we recommend doing it once a week (or month, depending on how many photos you take). Printing your photos is not as common as you used to be in the film era, back to your grandparents and even farther back.

Here’s why you should print your photos:

  1. Technology isn’t always reliable. Almost everyone has experienced a computer crash, an external hard drive failing, losing their phone or worse. Those photos you had saved are more than likely gone for good.
  2. Things change so fast. Do you remember floppy discs? How many computers have a floppy drive anymore? NONE! A lot of computers aren’t even made with a CD drive anymore. Luckily for you, Harold’s Photo Experts keeps some of that history so we can usually retrieve files from old forms of storage. We’ve all seen the “digital dark age” articles that were floating around earlier this year.
  3. Isn’t it fun when your whole family is together and you go through albums of photos. When would you say the last photo was taken that is in those albums. For my family, it’s been about 15 years. Print your photos!

With Harold’s Photo Experts’ new mobile friendly website, ordering prints is so easy!

Follow this step-by-step tutorial about how to order prints from your phone:

Click on Prints on the home page.

2photo 1

Click on Simply Prints if you just want a simple photo paper print.

2photo 2

Select PRINTS TODAY or 3 DAY PRINTS. There is a price difference so check the pricing below so you can pick how fast of a service time you would like.

2photo 3

Click on Start Photo Print.

2photo 4

Click Upload Photo.

2photo 5

By clicking on “Upload Photo” it takes you to your Photos on your phone. Select the folder (if applicable) and then select the photos you want to make prints of.

1photo 1

1photo 2

1photo 3

Once your photos are loaded, you’ll see the following screen. You can scroll through the photos you choose at the top and edit them, rotate them, pick the size of print and quantities of each.

1photo 4

If you click on Prints on the right side of the screen, it will bring up print sizes and quantities. If you want multiple 4×6 prints, hit the + button until you reach the amount of prints you would like. You can do different sizes of the same photo on this screen.

photo 1

If you want 2 4×6 prints of every photo you originally selected, you can click on Batch at the bottom of your screen and easily, and quickly, hit the + button twice next to 4×6 and you’re done!

photo 2

Once you’ve selected the sizes and quantities, click ok and next, then you’ll be directed to select your paper finish, border, optional DVD of your photos and add a comment.

photo 3

This screen will allow you to review your order before it’s placed.

photo 4

If all looks good, the next screen will let you pick how you want to receive your order. We can either ship them directly to you or pick up at any of our 4 locations.

photo 5

Then all you need to do is enter your contact info and you’re done!

This is a super easy way to order prints on the go. With this busy world, ordering your prints online from your phone is the perfect option for busy moms, while you’re waiting to pick up your kids or during your kid’s soccer practices. The best part is you can do this from home at any time!

If you still need a little help, stop in to any of our 4 locations and we can help you get started.

Now go print your photos!



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