Tips for Terrific Thanksgiving Photos


Here are some of our favorite tips for making sure the snaps you shoot are cause for celebration:

Take Ten (Minutes): Before family arrives and things get hectic, spend a few minutes getting your gear in order. If you have images on your memory card, transfer them to your primary computer and reformat the camera card. Charge your camera’s battery and, if you have an external flash, make sure it is also charged with new batteries. Finally, double-check that your lens cleaning cloth is in your bag. One rogue fingerprint can kill an entire series of shots.

Timing Matters: Revisit how to use the timer function on your camera. After all, you don’t want to just take the photos – you’ll want to be in them as well! You can do a quick online search for your camera’s model if you’ve forgotten how to use this setting.


Picture Perfect Posing: Getting everyone to cooperate is particularly important when large groups and small children are involved. For posed group portraits, you’re more likely to get cooperation from family earlier in the day. For grandparents and elderly family members, make sure posing includes a comfortable chair for sitting and place others around them according to height. Younger kids can sit cross-legged on the floor in front. Getting engaged smiles is an easier task if you stay connected to them. One accessory that can help is a remote shutter release. It’s one of the most helpful accessories you can keep in your camera bag for shooting family portraits. A wireless shutter release will help you keep your eyes on capturing the perfect family photo.

Share the Love: With so many choices online, sharing your family photos has never been easier. Take a quick tally to ask how family would like to receive their copies. For example, some grandparents have a Facebook account while others prefer to have hard copies, so consider sending a set of printed photos. Another bonus? You can turn your favorite family photograph into a personalized holiday gift perfect for Christmas or Hanukkah. Come by the store or visit us online to choose the perfect present – and you’ll be far ahead in your holiday shopping!

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