Tips For Better Kid Pix with Marty DeWitt – Part 1 of 3

In Part 1 of 3, Marty DeWitt will go over some simple tips to help you take better photographs of kids. Most will apply, regardless of what type of camera you have. Bear in mind that some basic point and shoot pocket cameras and other basic entry-level cameras may not have the capability to let you take full creative control over certain functions. It is important to know your camera and what it can and can’t do!

Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Become familiar with your camera – Learn how to change the different shooting modes. Get a basic understanding of Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO, and know how to change them on your particular camera. Understand how the AUTO modes (AUTO, PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE, SPORTS, etc.) work and how to change them.

Move in Close to your Subject – Fill the frame with your subject to limit other distracting elements in the picture. Make good use of colors and textures to accentuate your subject.


Watch the Background – Beware of distracting and cluttered backgrounds which might compete with your intended subject. Make sure there are no tree limbs or power poles sticking out of the tops of heads.

Open Up Your Lens – Shoot portraits with a large aperture opening (small f/ number) to limit depth of field and blur the background. Your subject will stand out more. Be sure the eyes are in sharp focus! Many cameras have a PORTRAIT Mode to help give you this particular look.

Check back next week for Part 2 of 3 on Tips For Better Kid Pix with Marty DeWitt

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