Tips For Better Kid Pix with Marty DeWitt – Part 2 of 3

Use a Fast Shutter Speed For Action – A shutter speed of 1/250 or more will freeze action and give you sharper images of moving subjects. Also, switch your shutter release to “continuous” mode so the shutter will continue to fire as long as you hold your finger down. This is a great way to get sequences of action, especially in sports and dance. If you do not have enough light for fast shutter speeds, simply increase your ISO setting. Try your SPORTS mode, but if you’re still not getting fast enough shutter speeds, try Shutter Priority, and set your own faster speed.


Get Down! – Don’t shoot all your images while standing. Get down to the level of your subject. Explore other even lower angles for unique perspectives. Don’t take the same images that everyone else does – be unique!

Don’t Say “Smile!” (or “Cheese”) – If you do, many kids will either ham it up with a fake smile or even refuse to do it at all. Be creative. Tell them NOT to smile, or think of the funniest word they know.  Many photographers will put their camera on a tripod, and using a remote control, they can shoot images while interacting with the kids rather than disappearing behind the viewfinder.

Use Fun Props – Letting kids play with colorful props like hats, toys, chairs, musical instruments will often result in great pictures since kids will be distracted away from the camera and exhibit more natural behavior.



Let Them Participate – Let them look at the images on the camera as you shoot, and ask for suggestions. They may want to try something fun that you hadn’t considered.

Check back next week for Part 3 of 3 on Tips For Better Kid Pix with Marty DeWitt

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