A movie night you won’t forget!


Once upon a time we captured monumental occasions on handheld video cameras – baby’s first steps, laughing around a summer bonfire, swimming or ice skating for the first time, school choir concerts, vows at a wedding.

Like many relics from our past, these VHS tapes were stuffed into boxes and forgotten – but the memories they hold last much longer than the technology built to relive them. The footage may be grainy and shaky – let’s face it, few of us were skilled videographers – but the moments they captured are still crystal clear. Embrace the past and relive those days gone by when you transfer the footage from VHS to DVD.

Simply leave your VHS tapes with us, and we’ll create DVDs that house all your old memories in an easy-to-view format. With reliable, compact storage, you can re-experience – and share – those first steps, family vacations, academic achievements and lifetime milestones with your loved ones over and over again.

For a limited time, save 40% and get all your tapes transferred to DVD for only $15 each! Now thru February 28, 2017 at all 4 Harold’s Photo locations.

Nostalgia guaranteed. Tissues not included.

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