Out Of Memory!… Now What Do I Do?


Is your phone telling you that you are out of memory? Is your camera’s memory card clogged with thousands of pictures, some dating back to trips you took years ago? Does it take forever to download your pictures when you want to make a print? Have you backed up your pictures to a second source so you have them safe if your phone or camera takes a swim?

These are all good reasons to take advantage of Harold’s Photo Data Transfer services. We’ll help you back up your irreplaceable photos so you will have them in a safe place, and then be able free up, and speed up, your phone or camera’s operation.

Harold’s Photo offers a variety of data transfer options. The cost depends on the amount of memory needed to store your images. You can burn your photos to data discs, which hold up to 4GB of images. We also offer high-speed USB 3.0 jump drives for larger volume transfers.

Prices are as follows:

up to 2GB disc ($9.99)

2-4GB disc ($19.99)

8GB USB ($29.99)

16GB USB ($49.99)

32GB ($69.99)

When deciding between data discs and USB drives, keep in mind that the USB drives can be reused, and future files can be added or deleted, unlike with data discs.

In many cases, these data transfers can be done while you wait. For larger transfers, we can get them started, and complete them while you run your errands. And we even have cords and card readers for most devices!

So, if you want the peace of mind that your images are backed up for posterity, and that you have plenty of room for new photos on your phone or camera, than stop by soon for a Harold’s Photo data transfer!

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