Falling into the Season

Autumn fall.The fall season is the ideal time for exploring local sights with camera in hand. Nature shares an explosion of color in her changing leaves and cooler temperatures, and if you’re looking for a way to fill your Instagram or Facebook feeds with stunning imagery, now is the time. In order to increase the saturation of fall foliage or to showcase the texture of the trees, try underexposing your images slightly. This technique will help you intensify color saturation. You can then play with image editing software to increase contrast to create warmer hues. A second strategy is even simpler – try using a polarizing filter, which will create a fun effect and increase the contrast.

Stay Sharp with This Dynamic Duo

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Photographers know that one of the most important ways to combat blurred photos is to take the shooter’s body movement out of the equation by using a tripod. A tripod provides stability and flexibility, and when you’re out on your summer adventures, you’ll want something that travels light. Consider a monopod/walking stick. Designed to be compact and portable, this trusty accessory can give you a lift as well.

Pair your monopod with a quality shutter release for maximum benefit. By using a wireless release, you can now keep your attention trained on your subject, which is particularly important if it requires conversation and eye contact (read: young kids and distracted teens). A wireless release is small, inexpensive and a must have for your camera bag. Try our ProMaster wireless shutter release, which makes an excellent companion.